Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flurry or Tizzy?

So much to be excited about on the novel publishing front!  New website skeleton, check.  ISBN numbers, check.  Final text tweak coming up shortly and I'm hoping to have the fine folks at the United States Postal Service hauling a draft copy to my house before the 15th. 

Before I forget - remember to click over to for a peek!  Send comments, suggestions or flames as appropriate. 
Today was exhibit 'A' of how hard it is to do your own publishing and marketing work as an independent.  Got a text message at 9am that my subscription link on the site was faulty.  Where a marketing team would have leapt to action, I instead drove down the hill and watched the kids leap around at gymnastics.  Then a little lunch and grocery shopping.  Then house cleaning and awesome quantities of child care.  Of course the two year old didn't want to sleep, not forgetting that the new sod needed watering, and voila - I got to repair the email link at 10pm!

It is fun to keep the dream going though - all day long kicking around options and upgrades.  Got an itch to build a HISTORY tab on the site to share some of the historical research done on the book and hint where the history books are going to mingle with my imagination.  But, first things first.  The book, always the book.

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William Braylen said...

Various people are persuaded we are having an early September, which obviously will be trailed by an early October, then November, and - gracious, sky - will be knee-somewhere down in ice and snow in a matter of seconds by any means. It isn't reasonable! We haven't had enough summer!