Sunday, November 30, 2008

AMAZING - It's done.

...And they all lived happily ever after

The words I'm searching for are Holy and Crap. Unfortunately, both of those have been piled into my quest for word count, so I'm going to have to find some other way to express my feelings.

Novel is done. One month = one novel. Considering that my second book "George Farley" took from 1996-1998 and the first effort "Omni-One" has been in the shop since 1993, the gravity is overwhelming.

I have to say that it's amusing how the more passion and drive I put into this project, the more and more the month seemed to go straight to hell. Perhaps that's punishment for failing to make this a FUNNY novel. At least I've got new material for when I do jump back to humor.

Thanks to all who did and do support me in my writing endeavours. To the doubters... I've nailed down a Marathon AND a novel this year, so what have you done with YOUR life. Oh, really? Great, then! I look forward to having you join myself, Selena, and Tylene next year for the 2009 edition of this literary challenge.

Now, for the moment, I am out of words.


FINAL COUNT: 59,894 words

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Drawing near the end - Time for overdrive

Today's Forecast: 25% chance of the weatherman lying, and 100% chance of at least 2000 words

Well, I'm over 38k now and moving steady towards the 50k goal for the Nanowrimo writing challenge. Unfortunately, I think the whole book will need about 70k words still and I REALLY REALLY want to finish in just one month... We'll have to see how this weekend shapes up - If I can put together some all nighters, a-la the old school college days, this may work. w00+!

Status a/o 11/25
Word Count: 38,264 words
Today's Target: 41,675 words
Deficit: 3,411 words

It's only 8:03 pm now, so it's Merlot and MASS WRITING time. Somewhere in El Cajon, Selena is also preparing for 3-4 hours of writing fun, so happy thoughts to her too... (May our children sleep heavy, with no fussing!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Time and words are flying...

Today's Forecast: 100% chance of sleeping now that another 2,500 words have flourished.

Do you know that perilous part of the day where your brain has logged off and any attempts at humor shall fail miserably? Yeah, I'm about two hours into it. Ugh, muy tired. Perhaps that's why I keep trying to add humor to the story and it just keeps staying serious? That's not a bad thing... just different for me. : )

Now finished with chapters 1-11 and 34 of 36. Just triggered the government conspiracy stuff for the plot to go along with the God stuff, so all action can now have a purpose!

Status a/o 11/22
Word Count: 33,746 words
Today's Target: 36,674 words
Deficit: 2,928 words

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Children are a Blessing!

Today's Forecast: 180% chance of finishing this glass of wine.

(No chronologically important events have been omitted from this tale. To protect the innocent, all names have been removed.)

4:30 - After a wonderful and pleasant experience at daycare, the baby returns home and enjoys an unusually large pre-dinner snack of ravioli, grapes, black beans, crackers, graham sticks, and milk. Baby is happy and Daddy is having a wonderful day as well.

6:15 - Mommy returns home. Hugs, dancing and cheery songs fill the house. Daddy finishes up the cooking and serves dinner.

6:30 - Baby eats a second saisfying meal of two eggs, half a cucumber, black beans, brown rice, a cup of yogurt, crackers, broccoli and more milk.

7:10 - Mommy cleans up the baby and Daddy goes to the back of the house and draws a bath in the standalone bathtub for Baby.

7:15 - Baby walks into the bathroom and squeals with delight. Daddy gets Baby ready and puts Baby into the bath.

7:15-7:25 - Baby splashes and plays. Daddy blows bubbles in the air for Baby to catch.

7:26 - Baby freezes and suddenly looks very concerned about the bubbles. Daddy is suddenly concerned about the greyish-green and lumpy objects now flowing out from beneath Baby. It looks like someone dismembered Yoda and dropped him in the current.

7:26:30 - Daddy yells for Mommy. Mommy assumes this is normal bathtime activity and ignores it.

7:26:50 - Lumps have pooled in the left corner, but are starting to migrate back to the center of the tub. Daddy moves baby to the right. Daddy screams louder.

7:28 - Mommy walks in. She becomes horrified. Daddy instructs Mommy to start the nearby shower and brushes water at the lumps, trying to make them go away. Baby's toys are starting to mingle with the ick and Baby is beginning to really get unhappy.

7:29 - Mommy wants to check the temperature and asks for the thermometer. Daddy asks if Mommy is kidding. Mommy switches to hold the baby and remarks on the unpleasant condition of the bathtub. Daddy jumps into the shower and takes the baby handoff from Mommy.

7:30-7:35 - Baby is showered off with lots of soap and shampoo. Baby is not as happy as before. Mommy comes back into the room to take the baby.

7:35 - Daddy invites Mommy to clean out the tub. Mommy explains that she can't reach the drain plug without climbing in. She turns to demonstrate and instead starts to gag. Daddy knows he's screwed. Daddy glances at the tub. The lumps have expanded in the water, Daddy figures that means they will be easier to fish out. The water is changing colors.

7:36-7:40 - Daddy showers off and Mommy dries Baby. The dry Baby walks naked back into the bathroom, shouting "Yay!"

7:40:05 - Daddy thinks to himself that every time Baby walks naked on the tile, she pees. He considers warning Mommy.

7:40:23 - Baby pees all over the tile. Mommy runs off for towels.

7:45 - Mommy finishes cleaning floor and takes Baby away. Daddy exists shower. Enlarged lumps in the tub have now fully separated into soup parts.

7:46-7:50 - Daddy drains tub and has the genius idea to use a cat litter scoop to fish the icky parts out. Daddy notes with dismay that unprocessed corn and grapes pass through the holes.

7:51 - Daddy can never look at the bath toys in the same way ever again. Daddy scrubs out tub with a heavy duty cleaner. He goes to get a second kind, just in case.

7:55 - A sparkling tub has never looked so unappealing. Daddy walks back to the kitchen, beaten and defeated. Mommy is waiting with the Baby.

7:56 - Daddy gets a goodnight kiss and hug from Baby. Everything is ok.

Oh, book stuff? Yeah, I do that too...

Status a/o 11/18:
Word Count: 24,224 words
Today's Target: 30,006 words
Deficit: 5,782 words

Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick Thoughts on AHHHHH!!!

Today's Forecast: None. It's 11:58pm, the day is over.

Further rants and pictures on road trip fun shall wait, for we have NO TIME!!!!

Current Status: a/o 11/16
Plot, Character and Eaten By Zombie list: DONE!
Word Count: 19,410 words
Target: 26,672 words
Deficit: 7,262 words

Hope to make another huge dent today!


Word Count: 21,741 words
Target: 28,339 words
Deficit: 6,598 words

Yes, people - this is called P R O G R E S S ! : )

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fun on Road Trips

Today's Forecast: humid, with 100% chance of Strongbow. Oh, writing? What's that?

Yes, it's Thursday in Monterey - the magical day where the afternoon is devoted to finding the little British Pub that serves Strongbow on tap. More on that quest to follow later, most likely... But in the meantime, I have made absolutely no typed progress in the past 3 days since Jessica IS at a work conference and actually had REAL work to do on the laptop. Go figure! I do have a bunch of material in a notepad, which will have to be transcribed ASAP. Not 5,000 words worth, but a healthy chunk nonetheless...

And since my writing numbers have not moved, I think we'll share some other fun numbers from this road trip thus far:

1: The number of pairs of sunglasses Cordell brought on the trip.

5: The days it took to lose those sunglasses.

132: The times Aubrey screamed the word POOP! once she learned it on Monday.

1,320: The times Daddy and Mommy have said CHANGE ME! - trying to make Aubrey forget her new word.

6: Beverages liberated from the downstairs conference for my consumption in the hotel room.

100: Seals that you can hear.

0: Seals that look like anything other than a brownish blob in the distance, since they won't get close.

7: Number of street side restaurant hawkers standing on Fisherman's wharf, trying to coax, needle, guilt, or scare you into eating their food and not the food of the "dirty, loser, rip-off artist next door."

7: Number of street side restaurant hawkers that Cordell nearly had to murder on Wednesday. (I swear, these people would peddle their grandmothers just to sell a $6.00 bowl of chowder.)

Ah... good fun... Here's the awful update that we shall have to make serious progress on. I'll probably edit this again later to make this number not look so awful, assuming I can make some headway.

Current Status: a/o 11/13

Plot, Character and Eaten By Zombie list: DONE!
Word Count: 13,005 words
Target: 21,671 words
Deficit: 8,666 words

Monday, November 10, 2008

Feeling Jack Kerouac

On the road with... (and somewhere Selena smiles...)

Today's Forecast: Fricking cold, but awesome, with 70% chance of writing

I sometimes forget about the traits of the Bay Area - cold, fog, insane drivers and far more wonderful places to eat than the corporate repetition that San Diego offers. Fortunately for me the cold means that the babies have to be indoors by about 4:30, which sets the night up for a decent chunk of writing time. Thank God - since the packing up on Friday and all day driving on Saturday was NOT helpful for the word count.

The plot set up is going incredibly well and the characters are starting to take on lives of their own. I've never experienced that phenomenon before, so I'm guessing that it's a good thing. Thank God I don't have time to go back and re-read any of the material going down on paper - hopefully it's not too painful to go through once this is said and done.

Final thought - do NOT attempt to sever your pointer finger at the start of a writing challenge/competition, because pointer fingers type better when the tips are not shrouded in seven Band-Aids. (Band Aid is a registered trademark of some wonderfully large corporation that will now not be suing me)

Current status: a/o 11/9

PLOT OUTLINE: Completed!

WORD COUNT: 12,900 words
TARGET: 15,003 words
DEFICIT: 2,103 words

It's all good....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to the World

Today's Forecast: Spastic, with 100% chance of writing

We join our heroes in the cluthes of National Novel Writing Month frenzy. Let's get to the action...

Ok - so for the sake of motivation, I have joined about 100,000 other crazy souls on this planet in pledging to write a novel (or at least 50,000 words of material) during the month of November.

This will be a conduit for my family, friends, enemies, and absolutely strangers to track my progress and offer their words of support or damnation. All comers are welcome!

The title of my novel is Boundless and it involves a private investigator, a determined college student, a slew of minor Gods, and the complete breakdown of the Afterlife. It goes without saying, that much insanity ensues.

I will be posting updates as follows below:

Status: 11/4
PLOT OUTLINE: Completed!
WORD COUNT: 4,775 words
TARGET: 6,796 words
DEFICIT: 2,021 words

So... based on these numbers, you're probably thinking, "Get back to work, slacker!".